Re: Aircraft Weight calc. question

From: (Rich Ahrens)
Organization: StarNet Communications, Inc
Date:         20 Apr 95 01:51:45 
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Ken1navypa ( wrote:
: When figuring out the weight and balance on a commercial aircraft since
: they certainly don't weigh everybody how much weight do they alot for each
: passenger? Is there a standard weight for each passenger onboard and do
: they actually weigh all luggage carried underneath? Thanks.

Reminds me of an experience a few years ago on a puddle jump from LAX to SNA
(on an American Eagle Jetstream). We were full up and apparently overweight
per just such a calculation. The pilot argued at length out the window to the
ground crew. It seemed that bags automagically weighed less in the cabin than
in the baggage compartment, and he wanted five bags moved into the cabin to
bring him within limits. The ground crew apparently refused to do so, so he
eventually marched (OK, duckwalked) to the back of the cabin, opened the door,
retrieved bags himself, and asked passengers to shove them under their seats
or even hold them in their laps.
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