Re: anti-misting additive for jet fuel to avoid explosion in crashes

From: (Peter Becker)
Organization: The Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, Sausalito, CA
Date:         20 Apr 95 01:51:42 
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As I recall, the anti-misting compound experiment was at least partially
successful technically, but, because of the crash test, a public rela-
tions disaster.  Turns out the additive reduced the temperature of the
resulting fire several hundred degrees, increasing significantly the
time required for the fire to invade the cabin.  This would save
passenger lives.  Also, the plane burned because the remote pilot was
not able to hold it in the planned attitude to simulate the type of
crash intended (e.g. mains-up landing).

The pictures from the interior of the plane were impressive, in that
the resulting flames took several minutes to invade the cabin instead
of the usual 45-70 seconds.

P Becker