Re: What really is a 'Jumbo'?

From: (Steve Fenwick)
Organization: BEST Internet (415) 964-2378
Date:         15 Apr 95 11:38:21 
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In article <airliners.1995.375@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Marc Richard Wollemborg  <> wrote:
>I've always held the opinion that only 747s are Jumbos; but I have read
>several articles in which other wide-body passenger jets (such as the
>A300, 767, etc.) are referred to as "jumbo jets".  Anyone have any
>insightful comments on this?

I'll add an extra distinction for the 747--the airplane's design is patented
(ref. _Wide-Body The Triumph of the 747_, Clive Irving, 1993, endpages;
pat. #212,564.) The patent was issued 29-10-68. Two questions:

1) Given that the patent will expire soon (assuming it was renewed, it's good
   for 28 years from issue, right?) any bets on whether there will be similar
   design aircraft from other builders?

2) The patent for the 747 references another patent, #202,749, issued 11-65
   to "Holtby et al." Any ideas on what that patent covers?


Steve Fenwick