Re: 747 question

From:         Bill Hensley <>
Organization: Questar Network Services
Date:         15 Apr 95 11:38:19 
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sthomson@MO.NET (Steven G. Thomson) wrote:
> Can't imagine what the slide ride would be like from the upper deck. The
> flight crew must have an interesting exit from the cockpit windows, if
> they use an escape rope!

There's a slide up there all right.  It's on the right side of the
aircraft, just aft of the flight engineer, and to the navigators
left (they face backwards).  It's a lot narrower than the main deck
slides.  Folks I've talked with about it say that the slide has
a tendancy to get blown around in the wind.  That doesn't really
surprise me.  When you blow an E-4B main deck slide, AF policy is
for the first two people down to grab the slide and hold it down.
The upper slide is a lot longer.

There isn't an escape rope, exactly.  I've seen some cable reels
with handles.  You pop open a hatch on the top of the aircraft (you
have to stand on the jumpseat to do it), then out, over, and down,
down, down.  The reel has some sort of a brake that should slow you
down.  You can't open the cockpit windows (at least on an E-4B).  I
bet you can't on a commercial 747 either.

Bill Hensley