Re: TAROM Airbus A310 reportedly crashes (in Romania?)

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Date:         13 Apr 95 11:10:14 
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>>If witnesses saw the thing blow up in mid air, I would agree that it is
>>safe to rule out pilot "error", on the other hand the pilot could have ....

>   First of all a witness is a notoriously unreliable thing when it
>comes to telling you what he/she just saw. 

I believe the original version was that at least one witness claimed
to have seen an explosion in mid-air.  That's subtly different from
the aircraft blowing up, and could have been something as simple as a
compressor stall, which generally produces a *very* loud noise along
with lots of flames out the back of the engine.  Combined, this could
easily be interpreted by an observer not familiar with the phenomenon
as an in-flight explosion.  (I hasten to add that, thus far, there has
been no mention of a compressor stall.)

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