Re: TAROM Airbus A310 reportedly crashes (in Romania?)

From:         "peter (p.j.) ashwood-smith" <>
Organization: Bell-Northern Research Canada 
Date:         13 Apr 95 11:10:14 
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In article <airliners.1995.389@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Paul Barry <> wrote:
>Steven G. Thomson (sthomson@MO.NET) wrote:
>: What I found interesting, was that an airline official interview at the 
>: airport, while the wreckage was still burning, has ruled out pilot error 
>: as a possible cause!

>If witnesses saw the thing blow up in mid air, I would agree that it is
>safe to rule out pilot "error", on the other hand the pilot could have ....

   First of all a witness is a notoriously unreliable thing when it
comes to telling you what he/she just saw. 

   A plane can fall to pieces in the air for a number of reasons besides
a bomb. A full power thrust reverser extension could possibly rip a 
wing off and or ignite the fuel. An accidentally deployed flap or slat
at high speed could cause severe wing flutter and catastrophic failure
of same. The plane diving out of control at very high speed could 
tear it apart etc.

   The plane could have hit another plane which would certainly
cause a nasty big fireball in the sky. The collision could easily
be the result of pilot error, a navigational aid failure, controller
mistake etc.

   It's just not that simple, planes can fall out of the sky in 
flames for just about any reason given the right circumstances.