Re: Boeing 737 crash

From: (Lars-Henrik Eriksson)
Date:         16 Jan 95 21:39:07 
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At 19.40 95-01-12, Pete Mellor wrote:
>Lars-Henrik Eriksson <> wrote on 12 Jan 95 01:56:05:-
>> Considering that the incident was in the UK where the use of QFE is
>> common, it might have been a confusion between using QFE or QNH as the
>> altimeter setting.
>Why is the fact that the aircraft was flying in the UK relevant? Surely
>QNH altitude is used during the cruise phase and QFE during take-off
>and approach in all countries?

No! In Western Europe at least, the UK is the only country to normally use
QFE during take-off and approach for civil aviation. All other countries
use QNH. (In fact I am not aware that QFE is normally used anywhere outside
Western Europe either, but of course my knowledge of extraeuropean
procedures is quite lacking.)

British Airways procedures seem to call for QFE use at all times, though.
Once while visiting Stockholm ACC/APP, I saw a controller look up the
QNH-QFE difference for the landing runway at Arlanda to calculate the QFE
on request from an arriving BA flight.

QFE can be used in other special cases. Swedish military aviation (and,
because of historical influences - soaring) use QFE. They also measure
altitude in metres...

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