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From: (Henry Ys Wong)
Organization: University of California
Date:         13 Apr 95 10:46:54 
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alain arnaud <> wrote:
>: In short, the slides can only be activated from inside the plane.

depends on the aircraft.  For aircraft with electric doors, such as an 
MD-11, the slide can be armed/disarmed from the outside.

>	The slides are enabled until the end of the landing roll
>	just in case there's a need for an emergency evacuation.

Small correction to the above:

slides are enabled until the aircraft is blocked in and the doors are 
ready to be opened.  The ramp agent will then verify that the slides 
are disarmed by knocking on the window on the door.  If he gets a 
thumbs-up sign from the cabin crew, then the slides have been disarmed 
and the ramp agent can open the door.  If thumbs down, he has to wait.

this of course may vary for different airlines and different aircraft types.

Hank Wong

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