Re: 747 question

From: (Bruno Wendler)
Organization: LIA
Date:         13 Apr 95 10:46:54 
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In article 321@ohare.Chicago.COM, (Jeff Givens) writes:
> No. Prior to push back the doors are properly armed. There is no
> prompting from the flight deck for this; the cabin crew informs the
> capt. that this has been done and *then* he can push back.

Are you shure ? Most of my 747-400 flight (coincidence ? that it is a
-400 ?), when pushing back (and not prior to push back !), cabin crew
announces "crew doors to automatic" ... and prior to final stop (a
couple of meters ahead of the gate) they announce "crew doors to
manual", and then, in both cases, I see a nice lady :-) turning the
arm. I suppose it should be the same ?  ....... Have a nice day :-)

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