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Date:         13 Apr 95 10:46:54 
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okay i'm back again.  As i understand it these three young girls (12yo) 
enter though the nose gear hatch.  They are explorers, and though far 
fetched i feel it is in character.  I'm am very anal about details though 
because i hate when story writers screw them up.  Lets not forget die 
hard II.  

I understand that the main doors are armed via arming switch .  How about 
the window seats or upper deck doors?  I'm wondering if they can be 
deployed unintentially by the girls.  If they are deployed does any sort 
of alarm go off?  Is there a slide that goes from the upper deck to the 
ground?  (if so i'd LOVE to go down it).  I'm looking for any details 
first hand about the interior passageway from the nose gear to the 
cabin.  What does one see?  Is there are there any ghost lights on 
board?  Can someone 4'6" climb the nosegear?  Is the hatchway locked?  Is 
the flight deck cockpit locked?  Would the girls find those inflateable 
life jackets under the seats of are the seats used as floatable 
cushions?  After being abandoned in an airyard would there be any rodents 
on board?  any old food or bad smells?  

And finally can someone describe an airyard itself?  does it look like an 
airport- totally paved?? are there storm sewers in which they could get 
through?  Any gaurd dogs?  are they usually very rural or are they close 
to homes and houses?  

the story i am writing is similar to a stand by me story about 3 young 
girls who leave for a weekend and explore together and in doing so share 
tramatic stories and experiences.  The location is completely unimportant 
but i think exploring an airyard can be quite nastalgic (sp?).  if i had 
lived next to one as a 12 yo i'm sure i would have visited it a few 
times.  and as i said i hate when writers get this wrong.  This isn't 
anything huge- just a for a playwriting class.  But any details about the 
aircraft would be appriciated.  

Thanks for all who have responded.  It has been helpful.  

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