Re: What really is a 'Jumbo'?

From: (Richard Shevell)
Organization: Stanford University, Dept. of Aero/Astro
Date:         13 Apr 95 10:46:53 
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In article <airliners.1995.375@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Marc Richard Wollemborg
<> wrote:

> I've always held the opinion that only 747s are Jumbos; but I have read 
> several articles in which other wide-body passenger jets (such as the 
> A300, 767, etc.) are referred to as "jumbo jets".  Anyone have any 
> insightful comments on this?

There is no official basis for 'jumbo' but I would guess that an airplane
with two aisles would qualify.  One might pick a passenger capacity  as the
criterion, but the DC-8-61,-63 holds about as many people as the original
767 and no one would call the DC-8 a jumbo.  It's a fairly meaningless
term.  The best means of identification is the number of aisles and the
passenger capacity on a consistent basis such as  mixed class or all coach
(sardine interior)
Richard Shevell