Re: What really is a 'Jumbo'?

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>Just to set the record straight, here's my take on the wide-bodies:

Given that it's all pretty subjective, I don't think it's *possible*
to set the record straight!

>2nd tier wide-bodies:
>Airbus A330/A340 (2-4-2 seating)

>3rd tier wide bodies:
>Airbus A300/A310 (2-4-2 seating)

Why would you put these in different groups?  Not only are they the
same in the back of the 'bus (obviously, 2-4-2) but all four share the
essentially same fuselage, with simple variations in length (shades of
Boeing's mythical great fuselage machine from 707 days!) and a differ-
ent aft section in the case of A300s prior to the A300-600.

Overall capacity does seem to put the A330/A340 in a different class,
but on that metric, the 777 fits more with the 747 than your other
"2nd tier" aircraft!

>I guess I could also put the Illyushin IL86/IL96, but I'm not sure of
>the seating (2-4-2, 3-3-3, 2-5-2 ??), and without Western engines, it
>simply does not have the range of a comparable Western wide-body.

I don't see range as a very good metric -- the early A300 didn't have
all that great a range.  And there is at least one project afoot to
put Western engines on the Ilyushins, the Il-96-300, I believe.  There
was also a proposal to re-engine the Il-86 with Western engines though
that fell through, at least for now.

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