Re: What really is a 'Jumbo'?

From: (Mihir Pramod Shah)
Organization: Washington University, St. Louis MO
Date:         13 Apr 95 10:46:53 
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In article <airliners.1995.375@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Marc Richard Wollemborg  <> wrote:
>I've always held the opinion that only 747s are Jumbos; but I have read 
>several articles in which other wide-body passenger jets (such as the 
>A300, 767, etc.) are referred to as "jumbo jets".  Anyone have any 
>insightful comments on this?

I also believe that the Boeing 747 is the only true Jumbo Jet.  All the others
are differing degrees of wide bodies.  Just to set the record straight, here's
my take on the wide-bodies:

Jumbo Jet:
Boeing 747 (3-4-3 seating)

2nd tier wide-bodies:
Airbus A330/A340 (2-4-2 seating)
McDonnell-Douglas DC-10/MD-11 (2-5-2 seating)
Lockheed L-1011 (2-5-2 seating)
Boeing 777 (2-5-2 seating)

3rd tier wide bodies:
Airbus A300/A310 (2-4-2 seating)
Boeing 767 (2-3-2 seating)

I guess I could also put the Illyushin IL86/IL96, but I'm not sure of the
seating (2-4-2, 3-3-3, 2-5-2 ??), and without Western engines, it simply does
not have the range of a comparable Western wide-body.  In terms of size, I
would put it in the 2nd tier category.


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