Re: 90 degree angles

From: (Jonathan N. Deitch)
Organization: Georgia State University
Date:         13 Apr 95 10:46:52 
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  or MIME structure (Michael C. Pereira) writes:

>Is it posible for an aircraft's hull to withstand a ninety degree turn
>maintaing it's current altitude at speeds above 250 Mph? By ninety degrees
>I mean an exact right angle.

Do you mean an instantaneous 90-degree turn ?

If so, you've got to be kidding ... aircraft moving at 250+ mph do NOT
turn on a dime.  Sure they can bank quickly, but they do not in any way
make an instant turn, just like you can't take a street corner at 60mph
in your car.

If you mean a tight turn, then sure.  At least as tight a turn as a plane's
performance allows.  An F-16 will out-turn a 747 any day of the week.

Exceed the performance envelope, and you'll stall or break apart.

Probably stall.

- Jonathan
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