Re: TAROM Airbus A310 reportedly crashes (in Romania?)

From: (Joeri Alleweireldt)
Organization: Brussels Free Universities VUB/ULB
Date:         09 Apr 95 22:37:14 
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P-O Litby, Sun Sweden, SSD Sales (politby@Sweden.Sun.COM) wrote:

: There is very little information, even here in Europe, about the crash. Even
: though the accident is reported to have occurred last week, the news did not
: become public until several days after.

I'm sorry, I don't agree. Here in Belgium, radio news reported the crash 
few hours after it happened. It was *the* headline for a couple of days. 
TV stations sent their reporters to Bucharest for a 'life' coverage of 
the situation the same day. However, there's still little known why the 
Airbus crashed. The possibility of an explosion caused by a bomb is 
excluded by the experts. A technical problem or a pilot mistake seems to 
be the reason although analysis of the Voice Recorder and Flight Data 
Recorder couldn't explain the crash. 

Joeri Alleweireldt