Re: Boeing 737 crash

From: (Martin at Staffs University, UK)
Date:         16 Jan 95 21:39:07 
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I've got the preliminary AAIB report in front of me regarding
the B737 freighter crash at Coventry, UK, on 21-12-94

The main points are:-

The aircraft ILS receiver couldn't tune to the Coventry ILS
frequency (109.75MHz) as it was one of the old radios that
can only tune in 50KHz increments.

The aircraft was cleared to descent to 1500 ft (1013mb) and
SSR replays show that it did just this.  The 1st Officers
altimeter, when found, was correctly set to 1013mb.

The RVR was 1100 meters, scattered stratus base 700ft,
scattered stratcumulus base 1200 ft, temp +2 degC,
QNH 1023 and QFE 1013.

Due to the inability to tune to the ILS, they were using a
Surveillance Radar Approach (SRA) which would terminate
at 2nm from the airport, with obstacle clearance limit of

As the aircraft passed the 2nm limit, there was a 10 second
power failure at the airport.  After power was restored at
the airport the aircraft was asked its intentions, but there
was no reply.

The aircraft had struck a 132Kv power pylon 72 ft agl.  The
pylon was on the extended centreline of runway 23, and the aircraft
was level when it hit.  The left wing was damaged, and the aircraft 
rolled to the left, clipping a house, rolling inverted, and
crashing into a wood. The time was 0952.  

There was a considerable fuel-fire.

Prior to the crash, on the same day:-
The crew had initially departed Coventry at 0059 for Amsterdam.
It left Amsterdam at 0342 and landed at Coventry.  It left 
Coventry at 0452, arriving at Amsterdam at 0551.  The craft was
refuelled there.  On approach to Coventry at 0735 the RVR was 700
meters, and so a SRA terminating at 0.7nm was attempted.  The
crew aborted the approach with a go-around, and held for 9 minutes
before diverting to E. Midlands airport.  The ILS couldn't be tuned,
as the ILS was 109.35 MHz.  The crew made a visual approach, landing
at E.Mids at 0808.  At 0938 it took off for Coventry, crashing 
at 0952.

Ref: AAIB Special Bulletin S 1/95  (ISSN 0309-4278)