Re: Underfloor Lounge in PSA L1011's?

From: (Edward Graf)
Organization: The Pipeline
Date:         09 Apr 95 22:37:13 
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In article <airliners.1995.348@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Steven G. Thomson
>Were these L1011's ever operated on this shuttle, and if so, was the  
>lounge actually used? 
>The L1011 doesn't strike me as a real good short haul shuttle aircraft!  
>Must have been dreamed up in those heady, cheap fuel days! 

I used to fly for PSA, however not when they had the L1011s. 
The lounges were used, I think at least one even had a piano.   
Those were one of a kind aircraft, structurally not able to accomodate a
full fuel load and therefore limited to about 3 or 4 hours range. 
They were definitely not a "quick turn" aircraft with engine starts taking
the better part of fifteen minutes.   Loading and unloading several hundred
passengers through one door did not help.  Remember, the 727 could be
loaded/unloaded front and rear at the same time (pre-security days). 
The fuel crunch in 1973 killed the concept totally. 
Ed Graf