Re: Underfloor Lounge in PSA L1011's?

From: (George Hull)
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Date:         09 Apr 95 22:37:13 
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In article <airliners.1995.348@ohare.Chicago.COM>, sthomson@MO.NET (Steven
G. Thomson) wrote:

> Were these L1011's ever operated on this shuttle, and if so, was the 
> lounge actually used?

I seem to remember that those aircraft went from the manufacturer to the
storage yard . . I don't think that they ever used them.  I was flying in
California during the time that they owned them and I can't remember ever
seeing them in operation.

> The L1011 doesn't strike me as a real good short haul shuttle aircraft! 
> Must have been dreamed up in those heady, cheap fuel days!

The cost of operating the L-1011 was apparently one of the reasons that
Douglas sold so many DC-10s.  We have a lot of the "Tritannics" at our
company . . they're Cadillac aircraft, but they're getting a bit on the
old side.