Re: Underfloor Lounge in PSA L1011's?

From: (Anthony MacKay)
Organization: University of Guelph
Date:         09 Apr 95 22:37:13 
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Steven G. Thomson (sthomson@MO.NET) wrote:
: I took some photos of a pair of Worldways Canada L1011's in Toronto a few 
: years back. These aircraft were both ex-PSA...etc....

Alas, Worldways is no more, having succumbed as so many others have.
On the matter of the lower deck cabin, the bulge you mention was, as I
understand, part of the certification requirements.  In the event of
a front wheels up landing, the skid would reduce crumple on impact.  This
was not required where there was only a main deck cabin since the lower
hold at the front of the aircraft acted as a crumple zone.  I flew in
these two aircraft whilst in Worldways hands and I seem to remember that
they were not allowed to operate in Canadian ownership with the lower cabin
occupied during take off or landing.  Back-end crews liked them, the lower
deck providing a convenient escape from passengers after feeding and
watering time was over.  One other piece of information I have is that I
think the only other original operator of this configuration, apart from PSA
was LTU, the German charter operator.