Re: Underfloor Lounges or Rooms in which Aircrafts?

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>Which commercial jetliners have either a lounge or some sort of non-baggage
>room located below the main cabin (perhaps for the crew to use in meal
>preparation)?  And for those planes which do have them, any comments on
>how they are accessed in flight, their location, size, etc.

There are the three L-1011s built for PSA, the focus of a lot of
discussion in the group currently, which were equipped with a lower
lounge where the forward cargo hold might otherwise be.  I assume
they were accessed by stairs, not unlike the upper lounge (now upper
cabin) on the 747.

McDonnell Douglas has talked about a similar lower lounge or cabin,
depending on the airline's preference, for the MD-11, thought there
doesn't seem to be much serious interest in the idea.

The 747 and DC-10 both have optional lower galleys.  United has them
on their 747-122s, located just aft of the wing (or maybe just forward
of the wing) and accessed via a single-person elevator.  On DC-10s so
equipped it's just behind the nose gear.  I don't know how you reach
it, though I'd guess it's similar to the 747 lower galley.

There was some talk a while back about a below-deck crew rest area on
the A340 -- apparently Air France dropped their use because they were
being used for, um, non-restful activities!  :-)  Presumably this is
also an optional feature for the A330, though I can't say for sure.  I
have no idea how one reaches this area.

The 747-400 also has an optional crew rest area off the main deck, but
in this case it's *above* it, not in the forward hump for the upper
deck but in a small area tucked up underneath the tail.  Apparently in
rough skies anyone back there gets *really* shaken up.  I'd guess they
use a small ladder for access.

That's probably about it -- most other types would be too small to
have room for a below-deck area with reasonable headroom.

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