Re: Underfloor Lounge in PSA L1011's?

From: (Gordon R. Andrews)
Date:         09 Apr 95 22:37:13 
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In article <airliners.1995.348@ohare.Chicago.COM> sthomson@MO.NET (Steven G. Thomson) writes:

>I took some photos of a pair of Worldways Canada L1011's in Toronto a few 
>years back. These aircraft were both ex-PSA, and had been stored in the 
>desert for quite some time. Visible in my photos, just behind the nose 
>gear, was a large bulge in the fuselage.

>I had read somewhere that PSA had intended to operate the aircraft on a 
>LAX/SFO shuttle service, during the mid seventies. They had their three 
>aircraft fitted with a lounge, situated below the main deck, aft of the 
>nose gear.

>Were these L1011's ever operated on this shuttle, and if so, was the 
>lounge actually used?

Although I cannot answer you as to the use of the lower lounge on PSA flights, 
I can tell you that Worldways did not use it for passengers.  Instead those 
seats were often occupied by company employees on stand-by passes.  You could 
usually be assured a seat for your cheap holiday if they were using that 

Interestingly, when Worldways tried to dispose of the aircraft, the lower 
lounge was seen as a drawback due to the weight, and the cost of retrofit.  
Does anyone know what happened to these aircraft.  We have several Worldways 
pilots working for us at Canada 3000 and they have expressed interest as to 
the fate of the aircraft.

Gordon Andrews