Configuration Warning Sys at T/O

From: (Martin at Staffs University, UK)
Date:         16 Jan 95 21:39:07 
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R. Solene wrote:-

>After all, didn't the cockpit crew of a Northwest MD-80 forget to
>extend the wing flaps (via mechanical actuation) just prior to take-off
>causing a crash and the deaths of some 160 passengers?  

SURELY that can't happen any more!  I thought that after the BA 747 crash 
at Nairobi, in the 70's, full takeoff configuration warning systems
were mandatory, in all ICAO states?   They would sound a siren if
anything was amiss (flaps, slats, speedbrakes, spoilers etc) when
the throttle was advanced for take-off?  

Can anyone reassure me that  R.Solene is wrong?

Martin Fiddler