Re: A320 and Noisy Hydraulic Pumps

From: (George Hull)
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Date:         09 Apr 95 22:37:12 
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In article <airliners.1995.368@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Jennings Heilig
<> wrote:

> I don't know about DC-10s, but I recently flew a CVG-ATL segment on a 
> Delta 727-200 and almost lost my mind while we were being de-iced (about 
> 45 minutes).  I was in about row 35 (aft of the wing) and there was the 
> most god-awful squeel going on I couldn't stand it.  There was a 
> deadheading 727 captain in the next row forward, and when I asked him 
> what the noise was, he told me it was a hydaulic pump.  The noise sounded 
> like it was coming from overhead, but obviously it must have been 
> travelling through the cabin and only sounded that way.

I did a lot of years as a Flight Engineer on B-727s and the "B" system
hydraulic pumps are the culprits here.  Just before pushback the engineer
turns on the "B" pumps and they make the noise you heard.  It's coming
from the wheelwell underneath the cabin.  When you preflight an aircraft
with its electric hydraulic pumps operating you can't ignore the noise . .
they're very loud.