Re: Live TV transmission to airplanes?

From: (David M. DeFelice)
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Date:         07 Apr 95 03:09:13 
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In article <airliners.1995.356@ohare.Chicago.COM> (John Folaron) writes:
>Say, has anyone heard anything recently about a test flight with live TV 
>transmission to the airplane from the ground?  I don't know a whole lot 
>more - does anyone know anything about it?

>Does this mean we could get CNN live in our seats?  Or the Super Bowl?

The Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS) provides  
for the development and flight test of high-risk, advanced  
communications satellite technology.  It was launched aboard STS-51
on September 12, 1993 and placed in a geostationary orbit (100 degrees
west longitude) by a transfer orbit stage.  Using advanced antenna beams
and advanced on-board switching and processing systems, ACTS is  
pioneering new initiatives in communications satellite technology.
The NASA Lewis Research Center is responsible for the development,
management, and operation of ACTS.

One of the experiments being conducted by JPL on ACTS is the 
Broadband Aeronautical Terminal Development.  It will demonstrate the
transmission of video both to and from an aircraft.  The high bandwidth
links to/from the aircraft could be utilized to transmit/receive any
form of digital information, so the potential applications are unbounded.
In speaking with representatives from the US commercial airlines we have
been told that they see a need for this high bandwith pipe to/from the
plane and that applications that can not even be imagined now will
utilize this pipe.  Of course the transmission of live video is one
natural application that is easy to imagine.

So, yes, in the future you will be able to watch the CNN, the Super Bowl
or the Oscars, etc., while flying.

For more info on ACTS on the WWW go to URL:

Thanks to Marty Agan of JPL for his input.

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