TAROM A310 accident

From:         wendler@univ-savoie.fr (Bruno Wendler)
Organization: LIA
Date:         07 Apr 95 03:09:12 
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60 lifes where lost at the TAROM 310 crash last friday. The VR already
at Airbus shows a stall from 3600 ft. Data Recorder has been sent to
London (why London ?) but nothing has been said yet. TAROM grounded
their other two 310 till yesterday, and now they're flying again
(french news).

1.- How can they assess safety if they do not have the exact causes of
    the accident yet?

2.- Who is the worst carrier in terms of (# of total lost / #
    aircrafts built) ? (I could imagine in order of importance:
    Boeing, Douglas Company, Airbus ?  
Bruno WENDLER                     
Lab. d'Intelligence Artificielle , Chambery FRANCE
EMAIL: wendler@lia.univ-savoie.fr