Re: Inflight entertainment

From: (Stephan Tolboom)
Organization: Tilburg University
Date:         01 Apr 95 02:50:19 
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In Article <airliners.1995.314@ohare.Chicago.COM> " (Brian A. Reynolds)" says:
> Look for in-flight shopping to become more 'popular'
> as the industry grows the capability to 1) offer delivery at the
> arrival gate (this is a real biggie from the airlines perspective as
> they can sell the merchandise without having to pay for the fuel to
> carry it - however duties/tariffs are an interesting legal issue) 2)
> the public gets used to video malls (training via QVC/Home Shopping
> Channels on cable).
I think that on certain KLM flights ( KLM Cityhopper?), it is possible to
order items from their in-flight catalogue. The ordered items will be 
delivered by mail order.
> Another direction is inflight rebooking/reticketing in order to keep a
> passenger within your system.  Expect to see inflight gambling (I
> think that Virgin already offers this). 
Singapore Airlines also offers inflight gambling.( in business class)
( or are planning to offer it)