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Date:         01 Apr 95 02:50:19 
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>Jim how could you fly a United 777 when the first 777 is scheduled for
>delivery in May'95. I know this because I worked on the 777 Cabin Press
>software. You probably meant 747!

Note that he's in the Seattle area, which probably means he works
for Boeing ... or Microsoft.  :-)

Sorry, I know there are lots of other employers in the Seattle area,
but it seems likely he was on one of the test flights.  United's first
777 is still set for a May 15th delivery, and their 747s definitely do
NOT have individual video equipment for every seat.  The only aircraft
United currently has in service with anything even close are their 3-
cabin domestic 767-222s, which have individual 8mm video systems for
each of the F class seats.  (Business and steerage just get phones and
the usual audio system.)

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