Underfloor Lounge in PSA L1011's?

From:         sthomson@MO.NET (Steven G. Thomson)
Organization: -=MO.NET=- P-Net, Inc's Missouri Operations
Date:         31 Mar 95 02:41:29 
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I took some photos of a pair of Worldways Canada L1011's in Toronto a few 
years back. These aircraft were both ex-PSA, and had been stored in the 
desert for quite some time. Visible in my photos, just behind the nose 
gear, was a large bulge in the fuselage.

I had read somewhere that PSA had intended to operate the aircraft on a 
LAX/SFO shuttle service, during the mid seventies. They had their three 
aircraft fitted with a lounge, situated below the main deck, aft of the 
nose gear.

Were these L1011's ever operated on this shuttle, and if so, was the 
lounge actually used?

The L1011 doesn't strike me as a real good short haul shuttle aircraft! 
Must have been dreamed up in those heady, cheap fuel days!