Re: TB spread through aircraft air

From: (Jim Hogan)
Organization: Eskimo North (206) For-Ever
Date:         27 Mar 95 01:29:49 
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In article <airliners.1995.326@ohare.Chicago.COM>, 
>Actually, the engine will make up for the extra bleed air by increasing N2
>speed so there is still the same amount air available to drive N1. THIS
>requires more fuel flow (higher TSFC) as well as higher turbine
>temperatures, which limits the life of the high turbine.

>From a performance standpoint the engine may be able to supply the extra 
bleed (with an economy and range penalty, of course) but consider the 
downstream effects.  To compensate for the increased flow, the pre-cooler 
will have to be upsized (located in the cowl or strut, depending on the 
engine) as well as the bleed air ducting in the wing.  Neither of these 
components are located in real estate that is easy or cheap to change.