NASA Ames Aviaition Operations Branch is on WWW

From: (Greg Pisanich)
Organization: NASA Ames Research Center
Date:         27 Mar 95 01:29:48 
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The Aviation Operations Branch of the Flight Managment and Human Factors
Division at the NASA Ames Research Center is proud to announce a newly
developed web site.

We are at:

Our Mission:

Research in the Aviation Operations branch at NASA-Ames focuses on solving
operational problems identified by our clients in the aviation community.
Problems are identified through continual direct interaction with operators,
regulators, and airframe manufacturers, as well as through the NASA-FAA
Aviation Safety Reporting Service (ASRS). Our clients in the operational
community often play key roles as partners in the research process.

Our main area of innovation is in data collection, analysis, and modeling of
real human-machine systems. We use a full spectrum of research methods,
including moderate-fidelity part-task simulation, high-fidelity full-mission
simulation, and field research methods. We apply our in-house and extramural
resources to the full cycle of civil aviation operations: maintenance and
manufacturing, dispatch and air-traffic control, air-ground compatibility,
training, and crew-automation interaction on the flight deck.  Our main types
of products (with examples) are:

* Databases (field data on controlled rest in long-haul flight operations;
field data and simulation-based data on crew interaction with automation).

*Books, book chapters, and other publications (two recent books on cockpit
resource management and complex decision making).

*Prototype procedural aids and evaluations (electronic checklist; datalink

*Display concepts and formats ( integrated mode-management interface;
flight-path predictor display for use with autoflight system).

*Training modules ( fatigue countermeasures training module; computer-based
training systems for advanced cockpit automation).

*Training methods and field evaluations (Line-oriented flight training [LOFT];
cockpit resource management [CRM]).

Come check us out. 

Greg Pisanich