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Date:         27 Mar 95 01:29:48 
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I have photos of the first American Airlines DC-10-10's, that show a 
stand up lounge in the rear of the coach section.

FYI, I was in the cabin of N141US, when it stopped at McDonnell Douglas 
in Toronto, during its proving runs, in the early 70's. It had a MD 
paint scheme, and was designated as a -20. The cabin was full of test 
equipment and water ballast barrels, and "Experimental" decals were 
installed over every entry door.


Cole Pierce ( wrote:
: >CO had their Pub Service on their longhaul DC10s as late as 1990, and may 
: >have added this to their ex-PE 747s.

: Actually, Continental's shorthaul DC10-10s were the ones with the lounge (if
: one can call any DC-10 a shorthaul <g>).

: >>> been there, done that <<<