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>Does McDonnell Douglas actually use an extended digit in their series
>number to designate certain performance properties as they did with
>the DC-9s

Not that I've ever seen, unless you want to count the DC-10-15, which
is a special "hot and high" variant for Mexico, basically a DC-10-10
airframe with the higher thrust engines from the DC-10-30.

Then again, from what I've seen, the DC-10-10s seem to be remarkably
homogenous, at least as delivered from Long Beach.  They all came with
the same engine type (CF6-6, with some subsequently changed) and MGTOW
(440,000 lbs), quite unlike the competing L-1011 or other Douglas jets
(and most other airliners).  The only major differences seem to be an
optional lower-deck galley, plus of course cargo variants.

The DC-10-30s seemed to come with a wider variety of customization.

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