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From: (Jeff Givens)
Organization: Delphi Internet Services Corporation
Date:         22 Mar 95 02:34:24 
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|I can reply to the emergency slide question.  Prior to take-off, the
|captain will say something like "Flight Attendents prepare for departure",
|and then they will position the actuating arm that attaches to the door.
|This arm actuates the slide upon opening the door.  Naturally, before
|landing the captain will say "....prepare for arrival." and that tells the
|attendant to disable the actuator.

No. Prior to push back the doors are properly armed. There is no
prompting from the flight deck for this; the cabin crew informs the
capt. that this has been done and *then* he can push back.

The "prepare for departure" and "prepare for arrival" are simply means
of making sure the entire crew is seated and strapped in. has nothing
to do with arming the slides.

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