Re: Boeing 737 crash

From: (Lars-Henrik Eriksson)
Organization: Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Kista
Date:         12 Jan 95 01:56:05 
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In article <airliners.1995.11@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Jim Wolper) writes:

   The fact that the aircraft's altimeter had been set in Amsterdam is
   not relevant, since it had spent time flying above the transition
   level.  This varies from country to country, but above this altitude
   all altimeters are set to standard pressure (29.92"Hg or equivalent
   metric settings).  A more likely problem would in fact be a confusion
   as to whether the altimeter setting received from ATS was in 
   millibars or inches; several accidents and incidents have been traced
   to this problem.

   Most ILS receivers are usable worldwide, by the way.  The same is true
   for VOR and NDB systems.

Considering that the incident was in the UK where the use of QFE is
common, it might have been a confusion between using QFE or QNH as the
altimeter setting.

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