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Date:         22 Mar 95 02:34:23 
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In article <airliners.1995.272@ohare.Chicago.COM> (ZACHARY R. TOMCICH) writes:

   I'm a writer and I have some basic questions about a 747, or any wide 
   body aircraft for that matter, for a story I'm writing.  

   When an aircraft is parked and totally abondoned how does one get in and
   out?  Is there a nose gear hatchet or must they use a stair truck to board
   and disembark? 

Yes, there is a nose gear hatch, which leads to the forward avionics
bay, which has a ladder to the front of the aircraft.

   Secondly are the emergancy slides a reflex system that will operate 
   whenever a door is opened or does it have a arming switch?

Usually when parked in storage, the slides are disarmed (via a
switch).  This can easily be thrown by a person on the inside, though.

   And finally when these aircraft are in drydock- presumablly for good- 
   what sort of security is around them?

Drydock?  If you're talking about out in the desert, there's a fence
around the airport with security, but not at the aircraft themselves.

Surprisingly, a good movie presentation about how to get in and out of
a 747 in the desert is "Terminal Velocity" (1994).  Though the plot
is cheesy, there is a scene where the characters crawl around a 747 in
the desert - this scene is very true-to-life in terms of entry, exit,
and internal movements.

Hope this helps,

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