Re: SAS skips MD-95, launches 737-600

From: (Finn Arildsen)
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Date:         16 Mar 95 14:38:55 
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Karl Swartz (kls@ohare.Chicago.COM) wrote:
: Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) has been preparing to order as many
: as 55 new 100-seat airliners, including 35 firm orders.  It has been

[... deleted ...]

: SAS' fleet director also mentioned a need for around 10 new aircraft
: in the 170- to 180-seat class within the next few years.  SAS now has
: a sizable MD-80 fleet that's only a bit smaller (all of their MD-81s
: and MD-87s seem to be mixed-class, with 133 and 110 seats, respect-
: ively, but they also have single-class 156-seat MD-82s and 161-seat
: MD-83s) with six MD-90-30s due in 1996 that are close in size to the
: MD-81/82/83.  The 737-800 could be a contender, though -- a 737-400
: can seat 168 with the 30 inch pitch, so the slightly longer 737-800,
: which has room for two more rows, could presumably seat 180.  It would
: certainly not be luxurious accommodations!

I can certainly verify that accomodation on SAS's current domestic version 
(MD-82) is by no means luxourious!   Your knees are virtually stuck in the 
seatback in front of you.  

However, with flying times of about 20 minutes for domestic Danish flights, 
it is tolerable.  It is probably worse on considerably longer Norwegian and
Swedish flights.

Amazingly, even with a time of 18 minutes from takeoff to landing, the crew
manages to serve coffee and softdrinks to approx. 150 passengers (and collect
the cups).