Airline training and FSI.

From: (Christopher Hunt)
Organization: University of Oregon Chemistry Stores
Date:         14 Mar 95 11:54:44 
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I am interested in receiving advice on and hearing about the
reputation of the Flight Safety Acadamy at Vero Beach FL.

I have sought out such information in the other newsgroups but
haven't got any replies so I am tring here as a last resort.
There seem to be at least a few part 121 pilots with modems
reading this newsgroup so perhaps if I phrase this right, I 'll
get a bite...  or of course  flamed.

I am tring to research schools that provide professional flight
training at a level above the local expertise (Eugene Oregon). I
have talked to Flight Safety's (Marketing) people and it would
seem they are Hard Core. And yes I know their reputation from my
years in local aviation. But what do their students say? Do you
work next to one of their graduates? 

My question is: Are they the best place you have heard of going
to for preperation for a airline career? I don't want to go to Fl
to find out I have made a mistake. And you can't learn anything
from a slick brousure.
Where would you go (other than the Military) if you started right

Send me some Email please.