Engine Power Settings

From:         lchiluku@ucsd.edu (R. & L. Chilukuri)
Organization: Univ of California at San Diego
Date:         14 Mar 95 02:34:35 
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Hello Hello Hello:

Just a few general questions regarding engine power settings:

1.	How is 100 per cent N1 established. Is it an arbitrary goal that 
	is selected during early design of an engine? Or does it have 	
	relevance to the thrust of a revenue aircraft? Is percent 
	N1 indicated in the cockpit?

2.	Who establishes power settings such as Max T.O., max continuous, 
	max cruise, flight idle etc. Are they determined solely by 	
	airframer specs? How do these power levels affect engine life? 	
	What engine components would be affected?

3.	How is reverse thrust level established? Is it true that 	
	airliners would prefer to maintain reverse thrust below flight	
	idle, in order to avoid an additional engine cycle per flight?

4. 	How often are partial power settings used?

Hope these questions will spark discussion on other engine-related topics 

						Krish Chilukuri
						Rohr Aerodynamics