Re: 747-400F

From:         pleavin@HK.Super.NET (Mr Ted Pleavin)
Organization: Hong Kong Supernet
Date:         14 Mar 95 02:34:35 
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Nicolas Ercan Murat (vis@leland.Stanford.EDU) wrote:
: > For an emergency evacuation situation, you're right, but not for
: > normal boarding and deplaning.  To my knowledge, no airline uses
: > the upper doors for anything other than emergencies -- in normal

: Actually, the 747-F's do have stairs connecting the two decks.  It's a pulley
: system whereby a an inclined ladder comes down.  The main MUST be accessible
: to the crew in case they have to access either the cargo or, more importantly,
: the avionics/electronics compartment above the front landing gear (the manual
: landing gear deployment is also there).  

Other items that sometimes must be accessable in the cargo area are any 
live animals, like race horses that are often carried.  A handler is 
carried on the upper deck to look after any upset, and a humain killer is 
also carried incase things get out of control.

: An other point is that the upper deck does have some seats and a galley.  They
: are used for crew rest.  Lufthansa is installing bunks and business class
: seat for their crews too.

One configuration that I know of personally has 6 business class seats 
and 2 bumks.  The limit on the number of people allowed on the upper deck 
has to do with the number of inertial reals available for the cockpit 
escape hatch.  The main deck doors are not a primary escape route on the 
freighter.  The stairs to the main deck are basically an aluminium step 
ladder attatched at the top with the bottom retractable into the ceiling 
for loading and unloading of freight.

Cheers Ted.