Re: Inflight engine shutdowns vs. speedups?

From: (Kathleen Glor)
Organization: University of Alberta
Date:         14 Mar 95 02:34:34 
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TriStar500 ( wrote:
: >I understood that the HP fuel shut-offs, usually just behind the thrust
: >levers, will ONLY shut off the fuel when the engines are at idle, to
: >prevent inadvertant shutdown in flight.  


I fly a B727 which of course is older technology than B757 however 
certification requirements demand that not only the fire handle will shut 
off the fuel (along with the hydraulics firewalls for the fuel, trip the 
generator fields) but the HP cocks (called start levers, or fuel cutoffs 
in North America) will cut off the fuel at any time it is selected to 

As far as practicing a full thrust on one engine while the other is in 
idle is practiced in the simulator, and any time that I've done it there 
has always been enough rudder authority to over come the yaw.( Grant it 
I'm in a 3 engine aircraft not a 2 but the same does hold true)

Also stoping with one engine in reverse and only braking would not be a
problem. Stopping distances in aircraft are based solely on the use of
brakes reverse thrust is not taken into consideration. Plus another 60% of
the distance is added on for good measure. 

In our operation we require a 3 minute cool down before we shut an engine
down for exactly the reasons mentioned, however if I ever had an engine go
full thrust on me at any time (which can happen if the Fuel Control Unit
fails) I'm not going to hesitate for one second to shut the engine off.
Nor would any pilot who flies transport sized aircraft. 

Freight Dog