Re: A positive aspect of the DC-10?

From: (George Hull)
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Date:         14 Mar 95 02:34:34 
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In article <airliners.1995.261@ohare.Chicago.COM>, sthomson@MO.NET (Steven
G. Thomson) wrote:

> Laker Airways used to operate, DC-10-10 Series LGW to LAX, but of course 
> the -10 certainly didn't have the range for an over the pole trip. Their 
> fuel stop was in Bangor. Western ran a short lived LGW to DEN service 
> with DC-10-10's which neccesitated bumping passengers on flights 
> westbound with lots of open seats, due to weight.
> Wardair Canada ran transatlantic jet service from YYZ and other Canadian 
> points to LGW with 727-100's. It had a scheduled fuel stop in Greenland, 
> worked fine, and make a profit. They even used celestial navigation.
> Steven

At Western we obtained one DC-10-30 for the London operation.  But it was
flown from DEN, not LAX.  That one -30 had metric gauges . . a Gimli
glider waiting for a place to happen, we thought.  The trips flew from DEN
to LGW and also flew to ANC from LGW as I remember.  The trips went so
senior that every cockpit crewmember was a captain.

Western had about a dozen DC-10-10s and that one -30 for a while.