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From: (George Hull)
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Date:         14 Mar 95 02:34:34 
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In article <airliners.1995.262@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
(Ed Hahn) wrote:

>    You can tell a -30 from a -10 when the wheels are down.  :-)
> ====
> If you're talking about the center landing gear on the -30, this ain't
> necessarily so.  American Airlines removed the center gear from its
> four domestic DC10-30s (N139AA-N142AA).  I can't recall the exact
> reason why (probably didn't need weight penalty on a domestic
> aircraft), but they were certainly removed. 

Oh great!!  First it's the Easter Bunny, then Santa Claus, and now the
center landing gear on the -30.  I'm devastated.

> The international -30s still had the center gears (N137AA, N138AA,
> N143AA, N144AA, N163AA, and N164AA).     

I think that it was possible to leave the center gear retracted when it
wasn't needed due to weight considerations.  I'm sure that the weight of
that gear assembly was considerable and its removal was a great move for
economy if the aircraft were being used in lower-weight operations.