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>If you're talking about the center landing gear on the -30, this ain't
>necessarily so.  American Airlines removed the center gear from its
>four domestic DC10-30s (N139AA-N142AA).

JAL has gone both ways with their DC-10-40s, which are essentially a
DC-10-30 with P&W JT9D engines instead of GE CF6s.  At least one made
a full round trip -- I don't recall if it started as a DC-10-40(D),
with no center post, or a DC-10-40, with one, but I'd guess the latter
because I doubt the structure would be there to attach to if the plane
hadn't been built with the extra post.  (I also suspect all of the -40s
were built new as long-range aircraft.)

>I can't recall the exact reason why (probably didn't need weight
>penalty on a domestic aircraft), but they were certainly removed.

Weight penalty would be non-trivial, plus there's a fair amount of
extra maintenance and consumables (tires, brakes) expense.

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