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From: (Ed Hahn)
Organization: The MITRE Corporation, McLean, Va.
Date:         08 Mar 95 02:59:52 
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   From: (George Hull)
   Date: 03 Mar 95 02:27:49 


   You can tell a -30 from a -10 when the wheels are down.  :-)
If you're talking about the center landing gear on the -30, this ain't
necessarily so.  American Airlines removed the center gear from its
four domestic DC10-30s (N139AA-N142AA).  I can't recall the exact
reason why (probably didn't need weight penalty on a domestic
aircraft), but they were certainly removed. 

The international -30s still had the center gears (N137AA, N138AA,
N143AA, N144AA, N163AA, and N164AA).     

N139AA, by the way, was the one which went off the runway at DFW in
April 1993 - no fatalities, but the airframe was totaled.

Of course, all of the -30s American had have probably been retired by