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Date:         08 Mar 95 02:59:52 
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In the late 1970's, Seaboard World toyed with the idea of carrying 
passengers on the unused upper deck seats. They were bought out by 
Flying Tigers, of course, and the idea died.

I think a cargo carrier would face a few problems. The freighters 
usually park in areas unaccessable to passengers, which would present 
check-in and security problems. The 747 freighter has a pull down 
stairway that drops down on the main deck, so the passengers would have 
to be loaded directly to the main deck. A primary goal of cargo carriers 
is to arrive in all kinds of weather. These carriers will divert to a 
nearby field, if they are unable to land at their destinations, which 
again presents passenger handling problems.

Also, these airlines operate at some strange times. I have flown on 
Federal Express, and they have a great schedule, as long as you don't 
mind an 0230 departure!

In short, cargo airlines want to concentrate on cargo, which is a lot 
more valuable than passengers. Look at the bottom line of FedEx and UPS, 
compared to the passenger carriers.