Re:Falling from the sky

From:         Ernie Fidgeon <>
Organization: The University of Manitoba
Date:         08 Mar 95 02:59:51 
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> Saw the film last night, was pretty good ... some questions, though ...
> Also, why in hell did everyone run out the back door when the forward
> cabin door was *open* with slide chute deployed ?  Did this occur in the
> actual event ?   Seems silly for the crew to climb back up the rear
> chute (which was *very* steep) when they could practically step inside
> the forward door with the front gear collapsed ...
> Oh well ... chalk up another one for Docu-Drama ...

I didn't live here in Winnipeg when this occurred, however a colleague
at work was at Gimli, in those car races, when the 767 came in.  He
mentioned it was most quiet on final.  They weren't on the runway,
they just finished time trials and were taking a break when the 767
approached.  Of course the movie wholly exploited this fact and the
crap with the kid on the runway riding a bike was completely bogus :-)

The other notes of interest are:

Winnipeg is ~120-130km from Gimli,
Winnipeg is flatter than a pancake,
I'm told the Air Canada captain was fired for not checking fuel quantity.

I do find it interesting though that simulations failed to successfully
land the incident!

Oh, well.  Leave it to Hollywood to blow something way out of proportion.
Remember the two hour movie about the Aloha 737 that actually only flew
for 15-20 minutes ;-)