Re: "Falling from the Sky" nitpicks

From: (Brian A. Reynolds)
Organization: Rockwell Avionics - Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA
Date:         08 Mar 95 02:59:51 
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This incident was written up in a fairly good book titles (I think) Quite Sky.
I loaned it out and it didn't come back.

	Also, why in hell did everyone run out the back door when the forward
	cabin door was *open* with slide chute deployed ?  Did this occur in 
	the actual event ? 

As I recall from the book, the friction started a minor fire in the insullation
around the skid area.  The cabin crew, seeing the smoke, opened the rear
door and forced folks out that way.  One problem however, becasue of the
collapsed nose gear, the rear slide did not reach the ground, or bearly did
so.  Numerous people were injured going out this way including several
seriously.  One passenger (as I recall) said something to the effect of 
"nuts to this" went forward, opened the forward door and stepped out onto the

The movie also seemed silly (at best) (1) by allowing the passengers to remove
their childern from the seat constraints and hold them on their laps.  (2)
did you notice that they climbed back up into the aft door to 'rescue' the
captain, then stumbled (one presumes) past the open front door to make a
drmatic exit out the back again?

Every other chapter in the book was interesting reading (the author alternated
between the flight deck and the cabin - cabin stuff was <sob, snifle, quivering
upper lip>.

The most interesting part is that the aircraft was jacked up, checked, refueled
and flow back.  It is probably still in service and is/was called the Gimbly

regards, Brian