Re: Inflight engine shutdowns vs. speedups?

From: (Brad Gillies)
Organization: Internex Online
Date:         08 Mar 95 02:59:51 
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  or MIME structure (Martin at Staffs University, UK) wrote:
>I understood that the HP fuel shut-offs, usually
>just behind the thrust levers, will ONLY shut off
>the fuel when the engines are at idle, to prevent
>inadvertant shutdown in flight.
>So, how do you shut the engine down? Maybe the
>fuel will shut off if the throttles are at the idle
>position even though the engines are at full power?
>And would that damage the engine?

As a mechanic who works on large aircraft We are told that shutting
down an engine without sufficient "cool down" time could damage
the engine.  The case and Rotor expand an contract at different rates
and as a result shutting down an engine to soon ( or in this while)
after developing power will result in the turbine blades contacting
the case and doing damage.

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