Re: Inflight engine shutdowns vs. speedups?

From: (AtlntaFerg)
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Date:         08 Mar 95 02:59:50 
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>I understood that the HP fuel shut-offs, usually
>just behind the thrust levers, will ONLY shut off
>the fuel when the engines are at idle, to prevent
>inadvertant shutdown in flight.  

>So, how do you shut the engine down? Maybe the 
>fuel will shut off if the throttles are at the idle
>position even though the engines are at full power?
>And would that damage the engine?

All FAA cerifiable aircraft are required to have a means of shutting down
the engines which is independent of the normal shutdown mechanism.  This
is usually in the form of a fire handle which when pulled will shut down
the respective engine.  During cerification, shutdowns of engines are
performed from all power settings including Max Takeoff Power.  Most
modern engines do not incur any degradation from this sort of operation.

With reguard to landing with one engine at full power:

I suspect also that it may not be possible to stop the aircraft with only
breaking and one thrust reverser.  Also the directional control problems
associated with one engine at full power and the other in reverse are
probably too large to overcome with differential braking and rudder input.

Steve F.

Steve Ferguson  (AtlntaFerg@AOL.COM)