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>     First-class lounges only, as I recall. Those of us who fly "steerage"
>only got to see them on the ground, when the crew would occasionally 
>conduct a tour.

The upstairs lounge on the 747 was F class only, but United also had
a "Friendship Room" coach lounge at the front of the coach cabin (on
the main deck), and another lounge aft.  I'm sure United was far from
unique, but they're the only ones for which I have a solid reference
handy.  Their DC-10s also had F and Y class lounges when they entered

You don't have to look at widebodies -- or such exotics as the Boeing
Stratocruiser -- to find these lounges, either.  Looking at United
again, their DC-7s had aft lounges, though I'm not sure if these were
coach or on F class-only aircraft.  I recall Connies and other late
propliners being similarly equipped.  (Not from firsthand experience,

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